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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring is a Time of Change and Renewal

I'll be honest, it's taken me a long while to come up with just the right things to say for my April Letter. You all know, but for those that dont, this is where I give you a peek at what I'll be up to involving Dragonscale Miniatures. I would love to say I have great projects ahead, but this year I've been finding it hard to plan ahead. I've been working hard to make DSM a name in the miniature world, and it's proving even harder than I though. Both with marketing and getting the name out there, and tackling some medical problems that keep pulling me back. Don't fear, Dragonscale Miniatures is not going away, I'm just slowing down a bit. I'm not concentrating as much as I was before on getting a brick and mortar store or even on the online web shop, but will be concentrating more time on getting health again, more hand made items, and area fairs, shows, and maybe a mini open house/yard sale for those in the New England area.

I will still be a Handley House dealer, and even though the web store may be down, you can always email me with your order from items found here in their catalog. And I will always guarantee you a better price than any other store on the web for the same item.

Also I will still be doing the monthly newsletters. I am working on a list of "Themes" for each month. Feel free to submit any sort of miniature content you would like to share with others in the Dragonscale Miniature family.
And if I will still be accepting custom orders for roomboxes, dollhouses, dollhouse renovations or landscapes.

So to close this I'd like to remind everyone: If you don't have your health you don't nothin' ;-) And Keep Mini-ing!!!

Keep Mini-ing!!!

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